There are 5 primary types                 of Massage therapy 


  1. Swedish Relaxation Therapy  -Long gliding strokes are applied to the body, primary focus is returning blood to the heart. 

  2. Aromatherapy- Use of essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being to the whole body. A wonderful treatment for any emotional or stressful mis-balance. Great treatment for you or a loved one.

  3. Hot Stone or Cold Stone Therapy-Whether used hot or cold the stones will melt away areas of congestion to the body. Ease muscle stiffness and inflammation while increases circulation. Suggested treatment. HOT STONE   Patient has been sitting for an extended period of time creating body stiffness. COLD STONE Would be used when there is Inflammation in the body (sinus or joint pressure)

  4. Deep Tissue Therapy –Releases chronic muscle tension, the focus is on the deeper layers of muscle tissues, tendons, and fascia. Good treatment for an old or new injury or scar tissue.

  5. Shiatsu/Thai – Bodywork techniques are applied using pressure or stretching. The therapists fingers, elbow or limbs used to an area of the patient’s body, being held for 2-8 second.



Chair Massage- General massage techniques are used on a patient in a seated potion, general used in a  corporation or event settings.



Detox Foot Bath- Homeopathic practice, using an Ionic cleanse detoxification machine, this machine act is to withdraw toxins out of the body.

½ hour treatment foot bath. Walk away feeling recharged and energized














Ear candling – A long hollow candle that tapers to fit into the ear.  After the candle has been lite, each ear takes 15 mins. At which time you can see residue, wax and impurities that have been withdrawn.  Out of ears and sinus cavities. Treatment suggested for sinus pressure, migraines, and post nasal drip.

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